The Salesian Bulletin at the time of Don Bosco

The Salesian Bulletin at the time of Don Bosco

The Salesian Bulletin is an original creation by Don Bosco who founded it in August 1877. Don Bosco himself was it’s first director.

The first “official” issue of the Bulletin opens with a letter from Don Bosco: “To the Salesian Cooperators”.

In the first draft of the regulation of the Cooperators, Don Bosco wrote: “Each month, the members will be given an overview of the things proposed, done or that they intend to do through a printed Bulletin or leaflet.” (Biographical Memoirs XI, 538).

In 1879, it was published for the first time in French and in 1881 in Buenos Aires, the first “Boletín Salesiano” was published in Spanish.

Today it is present in all 5 continents, with 59 editorial offices around the world.

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