Thomistic Institute Junior Fellowship Program for Recent College Grads



THE THOMISTIC INSTITUTE is now accepting applications for the Thomistic Institute Junior Fellows Program, a year-long fellowship designed for recent graduates who are motivated to help bring university students (and others) to engage the Catholic intellectual tradition and the thought of St. Thomas Aquinas while going deeper into that tradition themselves.

Being a Junior Fellow is a full-time engagement with the Thomistic Institute and requires residency in Washington, D.C.

  • Fellows take one for-credit M.A. class per semester at the DOMINICAN HOUSE OF STUDIES.

  • Outside of class time, they work in the Institute’s Campus Chapters program, learning the ins-and-outs of this fast-growing initiative to bring the Catholic intellectual tradition to more than 50 university campuses in the United States, Canada, Britain, and Ireland.

  • They’re invited to participate fully in the academic and liturgical life of the Dominican House of Studies.

    • Includes daily Mass, daily rosary, and the full chanted divine office with the Dominican friars in the Dominican House of Studies chapel.

  • The TI will also sponsor the Fellows’ participation in the major TI conferences held in Washington, D.C. and on other university campuses (travel expenses covered). Conferences are in the works for 2020-21 at both Harvard and Yale, as well our annual philosophy conference in Newburgh, NY in June 2021. Fellows may attend other TI lectures and intellectual retreats as staff.

  • Fellows will also participate fully in the daily life of the Thomistic Institute, its students, and its scholars.

Junior Fellows receive a monthly stipend of $3,400. The Fellowship can be renewed for a second year.

In order to be eligible, applicants must be:

  • Practicing Catholics in good standing who assent to and profess the Catholic faith in its entirety as presented in the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

  • Recent university graduates who are available to be engaged full-time at the Thomistic Institute for a calendar year, starting in August 2020, with full-time residence in Washington, D.C. (If you will be a student at another institution in the academic year 2020-21, you are not eligible.)


Submit a cover letter explaining why you want to be a TI Junior Fellow, along with your résumé, university transcript(s), and the names of two references.

The application deadline is Monday, July 6. The junior fellowship for academic year 2020-21 begins in August 2020.

A year-long fellowship for recent college grads who are motivated to bring other students to the Catholic intellectual tradition, and to engage that tradition more deeply themselves

  • Take M.A. courses (part-time) at the Dominican House of Studies while working as part of the Thomistic Institute team

  • Share in the vibrant liturgical life of the Dominican priory

  • Attend major TI conferences (travel included) as a junior fellow participant, and other TI events as staff

  • Monthly stipend: $3,400, plus tuition scholarship for one M.A. course per semester

The fellowship for the 2020-21 academic year begins in August. Apply by Monday, July 6!

Our mailing address is:

Thomistic Institute

487 Michigan Avenue, NE

Washington, DC 20017

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