Thomistic Institute Presenters and Sites 2020

Here’s Where You’ll Find the TI in February:

2/3 Brown University
“Contending Conscientiously for Good Medicine,” by Prof. Farr Curlin, MD (Duke University)

2/3 University of California, Berkeley
“The Question of Free Will in the Modern World: Free Will in Light of Contemporary Science and Philosophy,” by Prof. Paul Symington (Franciscan University of Steubenville)

2/4 Johns Hopkins University
“Can a Feminist Be Pro-Life?” by Prof. Angela Knobel (Catholic University of America)

2/4 Harvard Medical School
“What is Medicine For? Conscience and Clinical Practice,” by Prof. Farr Curlin, MD (Duke University)

2/4 MIT
“True Friendship: Insights from the Classical and Christian Traditions,” by Prof. Joshua Hochschild (Mount St. Mary’s University)

2/4 Tulane University
“Can Catholics Defend Free Enterprise?” by Prof. Jay Richards (Catholic University of America)

2/4 Florida State University
“St. Thomas Aquinas on Natural Law: The Contemporary Relevance of a Medieval Idea,” by Prof. Kenneth Kemp (University of St. Thomas)

2/5 North Carolina State University
“God and the Mystery of Human Suffering,” by Prof. Michael Sirilla (Franciscan University) 

2/5 Queen’s University
“The Catholic Imagination in J.R.R. Tolkien and Flannery O’Connor,” by Prof. Raymond Hain (Providence College)

2/6 Baylor University
“God Is Not Nice: Rejecting Pop Culture Theology and Discovering the God Worth Living For,” by Prof. Ulrich Lehner (University of Notre Dame)

2/6 Georgetown Law
Is It Ever Right to Break the Law? A Natural Law Perspective,” by Prof. J. Budziszewski (University of Texas, Austin)

2/6 University of Oklahoma
“What Must I Do to Be Saved? Catholicism and the Doctrine of Justification,” by Prof. Francis Beckwith (Baylor University)

2/6 Southern Methodist University
“The Theology of the Body,” by Prof. Paige Hochschild (Mount St. Mary’s University)

2/7 – 2/8 Ave Maria University 
A conference on “Thomas Aquinas and the Crisis of Christology,” featuring Prof. Bruce Marshall (Southern Methodist University), Fr. Thomas Joseph White, OP (Angelicum), Prof. Richard Bauckham (University of St. Andrews), Prof. Oliver Crisp (University of St. Andrews), Prof. Nathan Eubank (University of Notre Dame), Fr. Anthony Giambrone, OP (École biblique et archéologique française de Jérusalem) Fr. Dominic Langevin, OP (Dominican House of Studies), Fr. Dominic Legge, OP (Dominican House of Studies), Fr. Guy Mansini, OSB (Ave Maria University), Prof. Matthew Ramage, (Benedictine College) and Prof. Daria Spezzano (Providence College)

2/10 St. Charles Catholic Church (DC Young Adults)
“True Friendship: A Thomistic Guide,” by Prof. John Cuddeback (Christendom College)

2/11 Cornell University
“What is Matter? From Aristotle to Quantum Mechanics and Back Again,” by Prof. Ed Feser (Pasadena City College)

2/11 West Point
“Chance or Purpose? God’s Providence and the Christian Worldview,” by Fr. Gregory Pine, OP (Dominican House of Studies)

2/11 United States Naval Academy 
“This Is My Body: The Church’s Doctrine of Transubstantiation,” by Fr. Aquinas Guilbeau, OP (Dominican House of Studies)

2/12 Yale University
“Happiness Cannot Be Had Alone,” by Fr. Gregory Pine, OP (Dominican House of Studies)

2/12 Georgetown University
“The Intellectual Life of the Mother of God,” by Dr. Zena Hitz (St. John’s College)

2/12 Columbia 
“The Wedding Feast of the Lamb: The Meaning of the Mass,” by Prof. Paul Gondreau (Providence College)

2/13 Harvard University
“Before Church and State: What the Preliberal Can Teach Us About the Postliberal,” by Dr. Andrew Willard Jones (Franciscan University)

2/13 Trinity College Dublin 
“The Role of Scripture and Tradition in Catholic Theology,” by Prof. Lewis Ayres (Durham University)

2/13 Duke University
“Why the Catholic Church Is Not Pacifist: Understanding the Church’s View on War and Peace,” by Prof. Joseph Capizzi (Catholic University of America)

2/15 Princeton Theological Seminary 
A conference on “Love, Friendship, and Happiness,” featuring Prof. Erika Kidd (University of St. Thomas), Prof. Craig Titus (Divine Mercy University), Prof. Anna Moreland (Villanova University), and Prof. R.J. Snell (Witherspoon Institute)

2/18 University of California, Santa Barbara 
“Does Free Will Exist?” by Fr. Anselm Ramelow, OP (Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology)

2/18 University of Kansas
“Searching for Happiness: Pathfinding and Pitfalls,” by Prof. W. Scott Cleveland (University of Mary)

2/19 Harvard University
“The Virgin Mary and the Church: The New Eve,” by Fr. Andrew Hofer, OP (Dominican House of Studies)

2/19 University of California, Los Angeles 
“What Is Matter? From Aristotle to Quantum Mechanics and Back Again,” by Prof. Ed Feser (Pasadena City College)

2/20 Mississippi State University
“Is Postmodernism a Problem for Religion?” by Prof. Joseph Trabbic (Ave Maria University)

2/20 University of South Carolina
A lecture on private property and the Catholic tradition by Prof. Joseph Capizzi (Catholic University of America)

2/22 The Catholic Center at NYU
“Predestination, Penance, and the Efficacy of Grace.” The third installment of the Wisdom of Aquinas Series will feature Fr. Dominic Legge, OP (Dominican House of Studies).

2/25 Florida State University
“An Unjust Law Is No Law at All” by Prof. Raymond Hain (Providence College)

2/27 University of Tulsa
“Neuroscience and Freedom of the Will: Is There Really a Problem?” by Prof. James Madden (Benedictine College)

2/27 University of Arizona
“Who Am I to Judge? Politics and the Problem of Moral Relativism,” by Prof. Francis Beckwith (Baylor University)

2/27 Duke University
“The Place of the Altar and the Shape of the Font: Theological Readings of Early Christian Liturgical Spaces,” by Prof. Robin Jensen (University of Notre Dame)

2/27 Trinity College Dublin
“Does the Anti-Christ Have a Guardian Angel?” by Fr. John Saward (Blackfriars)

2/28 – 2/29 Dominican House of Studies
“Neuroscience and the Soul.” The spring 2020 Thomistic Circles Conference in Washington, D.C. will feature Prof. Stephen Napier (Villanova University), Fr. Anselm Ramelow, OP (Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology), Prof. Marie George (St. John’s University), Prof. Jeffrey Bishop (St. Louis University), Prof. Sofia Reimão (University of Lisbon)

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