Towards the Don Bosco Global Youth Film Festival: An experience of the Young and the Salesians

Timor-Leste – 19 October 2021
Timor-Leste – Towards the Don Bosco Global Youth Film Festival: An experience of the Young and the Salesians

(ANS – Dili) – Two months ago the Rector Major, Fr Ángel Fernández Artime, launched the “Don Bosco Global Youth Film Festival”. The Salesian world has been participating actively in preparing their own video to be submitted before 15 October. This film festival gives an opportunity to young people to move on amidst the pandemic crisis and calamity. It is true that the pandemic crisis and natural calamities and other current problems have devastated the world, but people must move on. Each province will produce their video based on the title of the Strenna for 2021 which is none other than “moved by hope.” The Salesians and the young people in TLS vice-province were very happy to take part in this festival and here they share their testimony:

This is a good opportunity for the young to increase the talents of young people’s videography and cinematography. There are challenges and difficulties during the process of producing the videos, but this is a milestone to be grateful for. This would be a great experience for each province in order to be present in the digital world. In particular, on this occasion all the videos are trying to infuse hope and encourage one another as life is being threatened due to the pandemic crisis and other calamities. This is a great moment for every human being to be an ambassador of hope to each other to endure in these trying times.

In Timor-Leste, the Provincial Fr. Apolinário Maria Ornai Neto, SDB encourages the Social Communication team to participate in this opportunity to be active in the digital arena to infuse hope in the young people around the world but especially in Timor-Leste. Below they present a little clue on the short film they have produced for this festival film in order to infuse hope and be ambassadors of hope. Let us be “moved by hope.”

 “The emissary of hope”

“The world has been devastated by the pandemic crisis and calamities. Experiencing calamities, one may lose hope and faith in God. Furthermore, one may lose the sense of living in the world. In this time of fear, human beings must be an emissary of hope for others. This is the only way to remain strong in the current world with so much uncertainty.

Timor-Leste is one of the countries suffering different types of calamities including Covid-19. This has led many people to unending suffering such as hunger, death, unemployment and injustices. However, the government is tirelessly working to lessen the burden of the people by offering vaccines and provisions for their survival.

The Movie making team further outlines their film thus:

Maria is a good young 16-year-old who lives in a simple family. They sought God’s protection amidst all these uncertainties. She has put all her trust in her parents who provide herwith everything she needs. With the death of her parents in confinement due to Covid-19, she accuses God of being unjust. They died without leaving her any farewell message. All her dreams have been blurred.

But God comforts Maria through her friends, teachers, families to be hopeful amid the darkest situation she has faced as a teenager. They helped her change her perception of God. Indeed, they become the bearers of hope to Maria. Hence, she remains firm in her faith in God and goes back to school to fight for a brighter future.

Let us be ambassadors of hope by caring for others and sharing whatever we have with them in the best possible way for a better world. This will make us become true ambassadors of hope. Through solidarity human beings could survive in this present juncture. God is our hope and he is the surest answer.”

The team finally summarize their over-all experience:

We would like to thank the Rector Major and his Council for giving us this opportunity to participate in this DON BOSCO GLOBAL YOUTH FILM FESTIVAL. This is really the time to evangelize through social media and Christianize the internet.

We would like to express our gratitude to those who have been participating in the process of making this video. Truly, without your contribution we would not have reached the point of producing the video. There were many things lacking here and there but with God’s help and your collaboration we were able to produce this film with much satisfaction.

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