Two interesting publications on Fr Albera. His travels in America and Spain

10 January 2022
RMG – Two interesting publications on Fr Albera. His travels in America and Spain

(ANS – Rome) – In the year dedicated to Father Paolo Albera for the centenary of his death, the Spanish Salesian Fr Jesús-Graciliano González, a member of the Association of Salesian History Scholars (ACSSA), has published the chronicles of Fr Albera’s visit to America from 1900 to 1903, taking up the texts of Fr Calogero Gusmano published in the Salesian Bulletin of the time; and the five trips that Fr Albera made to Spain between 1883 and 1913, again according to the chronicles in the Salesian Bulletin of that time.

The Sector for Formation of the Salesian Congregation considers these books – published on Amazon and accessible from anywhere in the world both in paper and digital format – a wonderful contribution to get to know better the second Successor of Don Bosco at the head of the Salesian Congregation.

From the pages of the era’s Salesian Bulletin, it is possible to perceive the enthusiasm that the figure of Don Bosco and his work signified during the expansion of the Congregation in America and Spain at the beginning of the 20th century.

These two books are a beautiful tribute to Father Albera in the year dedicated to him for the centenary of his death.

To purchase or to obtain further references regarding the two books:

Visita de Don Pablo Albera a las casas salesianas de América (1900-1903) – Visit of Don Pablo Albera to the Salesian houses of America”;

Viajes de Don Pablo Albera in España (1883-1913) – Fr Pablo Albera’s Travels to Spain“.

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