Value the gift of the Salesian Cooperator Vocation

Interview with Ms Milagros Wurhtich, 

the FIS (Cebu) ASC Provincial Coordinator

By Our Own Correspondent


Cebu, the Philippines, 12 February 2019 — What makes you happy as a Salesian Cooperator?


The motivation of doing the works is always my awareness that this is an inheritance, so I should be faithful and value the gift. As it is a gift, though many trials will come, everything will be doable and put to order. It will create and bear fruits as Mary and Jesus are the main operators of the enterprise.


What makes you grow in your Salesian Cooperator vocation and mission?


We need to pray as we do not rely on our human efforts (devotions, Mary, saints, souls, sacraments), and involvement in the Church. If you are a Councillor, you need to internalize the PAL, church documents and church doctrines.


What are the major challenges in vocation growth (personal and centre)?


The major challenge in vocation growth of Salesian Cooperator as a center is a real apostolic project for youth. This should be the focus/challenge which we should not forget over other aspects.


How do you prepare yourself as a formator? What do you need for your task?

  1. Study of formation topic.
  2. Consult delegate and formation councillor
  3. Pray for the formation event’s success

What exchange among the EAO Salesian Cooperators do you dream about?

  • Exchange of Salesianity books including books of Saints.
  • Formators exchange among the 7 EAO provinces and other new centers.

What do you expect from the 2019 EAO Formators Workshop in Cambodia?


In the incoming 2019 EAO Formators Workshop in Cambodia, I expect that:

  • We work out a general outline for formation (similar to the Appendix to the 2015 Formation Guidelines)
  • We share how to integrate Salesianity in the four pillars of ASC Formation
  • We share how to manage a youth project (Youth Ministry, youth group activity)

How do you practice the 4 pillars of formation: Know — Know how to do? — Know how to be? ~ Know how to live in communion?


It is a methodology that needs to be studied. It is an integrated way to share a topic that starts with knowledge of the subject matter, internalizing it up to communion or sharing and application.

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