Virtual Eucharistic Conference 2020

Virtual Eucharistic Conference 2020

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The virtual conference will be available nationwide between Friday, June 12 at 12PM EST to Sunday, June 14 at Midnight.

Celebrate the Feast of Corpus Christi with the Universal Church.

Since the very first in 1881, Eucharistic Conferences have been a staple in the Church for spreading the rich teaching of our Catholic Faith on the Real Presence.

With belief in the real presence waning in our Church, our prayer is that this Virtual Eucharistic Conference may touch the hearts of the faithful and inspire a deepening devotion to Christ in the Eucharist. 

While a virtual conference could never replace receiving Jesus in Holy Communion, or sitting in His physical presence in adoration, we know that these incredible presentations and testimonials will inspire all who listen to a greater appreciation of Christ in the Eucharist.


We’ve invited some incredible clergy and theologians to share the rich teachings of our Church on the Eucharist, as well as some inspiring lay ministers to share their personal testimonies.

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