World Youth Day & Salesian Sanctity

09 August 2023
Portugal – WYD and Salesian holiness

(ANS – Lisbon) – During the World Youth Day just concluded in Lisbon, the Italian Bishops’ Conference set up a stand for vocations in the “City of Joy”, “a space of silence in the celebration of young people”. Images of the faces of different people – more or less known ones – were posted on the walls of the stand. Next to it, a QR code. By scanning it with your smartphone, you could read the biography of the chosen person. The QR code referred to the website of the Vocations magazine that tells their stories.

Each young person was also offered a brick on which to write their name to convey a message to the children: the story is built by each taking their own small step and offering their own contribution. “A vocation is unique, the bricks are all the same, white and made of wood. Then, they all become different and colourful. A sign that seeks to tell the work of the Spirit, “said Fr Michele Gianola, director of the  Vocation Ministry National Office.

Among the numerous figures presented were several from our Salesian Family or related to it, whose profile was drawn up for the Vocations magazine by Dr. Lodovica Maria Zanet, collaborator of the General Postulation for the Causes of Saints of the Salesian Family. She comments on the initiative: “Behind these articles there is not only me, but many from the Postulation and the Church. This stand signifies, including visually, the ecclesial dimension of every Cause of beatification and canonisation: it is a work in the Church, of the Church and for the Church. Also, with Don Bosco, for the young people ! A young person from WYD could  be enchanted by a face and, by the mystery of those faces, by clicking on the QR code, and thus discover who they were. Holiness is not ‘words’, but a life that radiates, a fascinating appeal that asks to be explored!”

Each item was accompanied by a drawing with the face of the chosen witness. The drawings of the faces are the work of Marta Vila Villabrille, an architect, illustrator and graphic design enthusiast.

Below is the list of saints of the Salesian Family or friends, whose profile has been hosted, over the years, in the Magazine.

Felice Canelli:

Maria Carola Cecchin:

Giuseppe Cognata:

Giulia di Barolo:

Giovanni Fornasini:

Vera Grita:

Attilio Giordani:

Giuseppe Quadrio:

Titus Zeman:


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